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The Benefit of E-Signatures

Please Note: Our authorization forms are available in the Medchart portal and can be sent to your clients via email during registration. If you require assistance with sending your authorizations forms electronically, please check out our other article "How do I email authorizations to clients to sign?"

Medchart provides a completely digital authorization process. Using our authorization forms, which are valid for the lifetime of the client, you are able to get your client's signature and begin submitting requests in just a few clicks!


When a Client signs the authorization forms electronically, we eliminate any chance of the forms being filled incorrectly and they are automatically uploaded into the Client's Medchart profile. You will be notified we have received the signatures and you'll be able to start requesting right away.

Taking this one step - sending an email to your client - will allow you to skip the steps of printing out paper authorizations, mailing them to your clients to sign, waiting for your clients to scan or mail them back, scanning the authorizations back into MedChart, and waiting for MedChart to verify the form was signed and scanned correctly.

We understand that people have experienced difficulty with getting their clients to sign the authorization forms electronically, so we recommend that you do a combination of the following:

  • Incorporate Medchart into the Intake Process: Have Medchart open during Intake to Register your Client's information the portal. Be sure to get their email address. Email the authorization forms while the Client is with you so that you can prompt them to sign the forms on their phone or even your own computer while they are in your office. 
  • Educate Your Client: Sometimes people are uncomfortable with the idea of signing legal documents over the internet. You should explain to them that Docu-Sign is a secure encrypted service that ensures their information is safe. They will need to verify their identity (using their birth date) before signing and the signature will only be used for requesting their records.  
  • Follow-Up for Signature: If you sent a request for e-signature and have not received a response, you should reach out to your Client to remind them that you are still waiting for their authorizations and that they are needed to proceed with obtaining records for their case.


If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.    

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