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What To Do if You Receive Documents Directly From a Provider

As the request for records is facilitated by MedChart, the HICs releasing records should be sending their records and invoices directly to us at our head office in Toronto. 

This instruction is detailed on all of our request cover letters and iterated through our interactions with providers. Unfortunately, however, this does not always prevent providers from mistakenly mailing their records and/or invoices to the requesting law firm we are representing. 

If you directly receive records or invoices for a request submitted in MedChart from a provider, please do the following things:

1. Email contact@medchart.ca to tell us that you have received documents directly from a provider. Please include in your email the date the documents were received, the provider's name, the document type (records or invoices), and relevant Request ID (if possible). 

2. Send us the documents via:

         503-460 Richmond Street West
Toronto ON
         M5V 1Y1

Please note that if you send us the invoice, we will upload it to the portal for you to review and approve/dispute as usual. Records sent to us will also be released on the portal after the invoice has been approved. 

Gaps in our visibility of provider-issued records/invoices impacts our ability to offer you excellent service, so it is of the utmost importance that we are able to track all aspects of a request process. We are working diligently to limit and eliminate this issue with providers. In the meantime we appreciate your cooperation by notifying us of these instances!

If you have questions or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to us at support@medchart.ca 

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