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Refund Policies

MedChart Fee Refund

MedChart charges a flat fee for all of the time and work carried out to retrieve and digitize records. As soon as a request is placed, our Records team works very hard to fulfill it as quickly as possible. 

The MedChart fee will not be refunded if your request has already been forwarded (via mail or fax) to the Healthcare Information Custodian (otherwise referred to as a "HIC" or "Provider") as that means our team has spent time working on it.

The MedChart fee will be refunded if you inform MedChart that you need to cancel a request made in error before it has been submitted to the HIC.

In cases where multiple requests are submitted which can be combined into one request to be forwarded to the provider, the Medchart fee(s) for the duplicate request(s) will be refunded.

HIC Fee (Provider Invoice) Refund

Payment for a provider invoice is issued immediately upon receipt of your approval. We cannot provide refunds in this case.

If there are no records on file with a HIC (Health Information Custodian), they may return their HIC Fee cheque. In cases such as this, MedChart will refund the cheque amount to your firm through the portal. 

Note: Most hospitals charge a prepayment "search fee" that will not be refunded regardless of whether or not there are records on file.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your invoice, please contact finance@medchart.ca.

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