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How to Cancel a Request

To cancel a request that has been submitted, you have the option to cancel the request directly from your account. 

If a request has been completed or is still in the cart (i.e. it has not been submitted), the request cannot be canceled. Requests still in cart can be deleted from Action Items by clicking Options > Delete.

You can cancel a request by going to:

1) the request details page and clicking Cancel Request:

2) the request table, located in the client profile and clicking the "x" button:

You will need to provide a reason for the cancellation and confirm that any HIC payment completed is not guaranteed a refund.

Once a cancellation has been requested, the request status will change to "Cancelled" or "Cancellation Requested". If you see "Cancellation Requested", our team may reach out to you for further information on how to process the cancellation.

Please note that you can only cancel a request that is currently assigned to you. However, Admin users are able to cancel any open request.

If you cancel a request that is newly submitted (i.e. the status of the request is Order Placed), you will receive a refund on the Medchart fee. However, if the request has been processed by our team, a refund cannot be issued on the Medchart fee. 


If you have any questions about cancellations, please contact our team at support@medchart.ca

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