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How to Witness an Authorization Form in Medchart

Note: a Witness Signature is added when the request is being submitted. This article assumes you have already created your Client's Request and it is in Action Items awaiting submission. 

1. Click Action Items.

2. Find your request and click Witness.

3. A Docu-Sign window will open prompting you to provide your signature as a Witness. Please click the Sign button to add your signature and then click Finish.

4. You'll be asked to review a Disclaimer. Click Agree and Submit to have your request submitted for processing.

If you click Cancel, the request will remain in Action Items until you choose to Submit it. You will have to agree to the Disclaimer in order to submit the request.

Good job! You now know how to add your signature as a witness!

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.

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