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How to Request Records

NOTE: Your request cannot be submitted until the signed MedChart authorization(s) for your client are on file. 

If your client is missing the required authorizations, the request will remain in Action Items until the authorizations have been added and you have signed the authorizations as a witness in the portal. 

If you are unsure of how to upload authorizations or how to request an e-signature from your client, please read the following articles: 

How to Email Authorization Forms to Clients for e-Signature

How do I upload signed consent forms? 

Once you have created your client (How to Add a New Client):

1.  Search for your client in the search bar. 

2. Click the New Request button.

3. Use the search bar to find the provider.

Tip: If you need to request OHIP records, search "OHIP" and select the only result that is shown. Do not follow the rest of the steps listed in this article. Please reference How to Request OHIP Records for further instructions. 

4. Click on the name of the provider you were looking for. 

5.  Once you have selected the provider, you will be asked to review their details to ensure that the selected provider is the one you'd like to request records from. Once satisfied, click "Select". If any information is incorrect, you can also click the link to change the Provider details. 

6. Select your date range.

Please note that the start date is automatically left open. If you do not change this date, you will be requesting records for the full lifetime of the client's file with that provider. 

7. Select the types of records you require.

8. If you wish to send a note to the provider, you can do so here. 

Please note, whatever you enter here will be printed directly on the authorization.    

9. Optional: Urgent Service Add-On.

If you require records urgently, click the "Add-On Urgent Service" checkbox.

Please be aware that marking a request as urgent authorizes up to $300 to be paid towards a provider's rush service fees and the requested file. If the provider's final invoice is less than $300, your firm will be refunded the difference. 

Additionally, requests marked as urgent will incur an additional Medchart fee.

10. You can either "Sign & Submit" your request or "Add to Action Items."

If you choose to "Sign & Submit," you will be asked to immediately provide your signature as a witness and then the request will be submitted to our team to process. If you choose to "Add to Actions Items," your request will be queued for you to continue working on later. 

For more information, please read How to Submit a Request in Action Items.

Note: If you do not have the appropriate authorizations on file for your client, your request cannot be submitted. It will go to Action Items. You can check it out after you have obtained your client's authorizations. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.

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