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How to Place an OHIP Request (Using E-signature)

To request an OHIP Personal Claims History, your client must complete and sign the OHIP form. Our system does not save the OHIP forms on your client’s profile, so a new form must be filled out each time. Your client may use our e-signature function to sign the form, or they may sign and scan a physical copy.

If your client is signing a physical copy, please visit How to Make a OHIP Request (Using a Hard Copy Form) for instructions on how to sign. 


To submit an OHIP form using the e-signature function within Medchart, follow these steps:

1. Head to your client’s profile.

2. Click “New Request”.


3. Click “OHIP Request” or search for “OHIP” in the search bar. 


4. Select your date range and click “Next”.




5. Click “Sign and Submit”.

6. From here, click “Request E-Signature” and we will send a link to your client to electronically sign the OHIP form. 


7. If you have an email address on the client’s profile, we will send the link to that email address. Otherwise, you may enter in the email address you wish to use.

8. You will see confirmation that the e-signature link was sent and your request will be in Action Items while you wait for your client to sign. 


9. If you head into Action Items, you can re-request an e-signature or upload a signed consent at any time for a pending request.

10. Once your client signs the OHIP form electronically, the rest of the form will be automatically filled out and submitted.


Congratulations! You have completed requesting an OHIP summary!

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.




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