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How to Bulk request E-signatures From Clients

From your Medchart account, you can now bulk request e-signatures from clients and check on the status of consent forms!

1) Under Quick Access, click on "Consents":

2) To filter for clients who have NOT been requested to sign consent forms electronically:

  • Select the Status of your consent forms;
  • Then the Form Type (multiple can be selected);
  • Lastly, click "Search"

This will populate the table below to display all clients who have been sent an email to sign the consent forms electronically.

3) Select the clients that require a request using the checkbox column and click on "Request e-signature".

4) You will receive a notice that confirms that it might take up to 24h for all clients selected to receive the email. To continue, click on "Send e-signature requests".

5) Once requested, a green notification banner will appear. Once the client(s) have signed the consent forms, you will receive an email notification. 

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