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Why Is My OHIP Consent Form Being Rejected?

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires a new authorization to request a Personal Claims History (PCH), as of November 1st, 2020.

We have updated our internal OHIP PCH request process to accommodate the Ministry of Health's new authorization process. A new OHIP form must be completed and uploaded for EACH request. 

New OHIP PCH Request Process in Medchart

1. Download the new OHIP patient form from the homepage of the portal

Alternatively, you can also download the form using this link - Download OHIP Authorization Form

2. Have your client fill out the ENTIRE FORM (including the date and signature).

3. DO NOT UPLOAD the filled-out form into the consent table. It will be rejected during the standard verification process.

4. Proceed to make the OHIP request as usual. You will be prompted to upload the new authorization during the request process.

5. Submit the request and Medchart will take care of the rest.

For more information on how to send a client a request to eSign the OHIP form, please refer to this article: How to Place an OHIP Request (Using E-signature)

For more information on how to upload a scanned copy of the OHIP form, please refer to this article: How to place an OHIP request using a scanned copy of the  OHIP form

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.

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